Hidden Identity Bundle


7 Piece 'Hidden Identity' Toupee Bundle:
'So who is it behind that mask?' 14 mysterious identities are just waiting to show themselves at your next function. Will it be Elvis or the happy clown who will make the next guest appearance? 
How many pieces in the set? Double Sided 7 reversible props. 14 designs in total, including

Elvis, Viking, Mrs.Beehive, Frenchie, That Biker Dude, Mr.Clown, and the Swami Fortune Teller 

Party Theme Ideas? Great must have for all events. Essential range for all. 
What is the Material? Durable, Hard PVC Plastic
Printed:Professionally UV Flatbed Printing
Extra Coating:Glare Reducer Coating
Size: varies
Water Resistant:Yes
Weight:approx 85 grams per sign

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